Section Mandates

Research, Training and Programs section:
1.   Create an inclusive culture in schools to strengthen inclusive education in the Maldives.
2.   Develop Inclusive Education (IE) standards, guidelines, and procedures required for implementing IE policy.
3.   Prepare training needs analysis and develop annual training programs.
4.   Train and support schools to apply effective inclusive pedagogy in teaching.
5.   Conduct community engagement and multi-sectoral collaboration to promote inclusive education.
6.   Implement national and international level innovative projects to enhance inclusive education.
7.   Develop and strengthen the Universal Design School Concept (Shaamilu Veshi).
8.   Establish and develop Inclusion Resource Centers and Inclusion Support Units.
9. Monitor and evaluate implementation of inclusive education policy in schools and conduct support programs for stakeholders to strengthen IE practices.
Case and Intervention Section:
1.    Develop a system of referrals for delivering inclusive education
2.    Establish a procedure to register and process every case submitted to the department
3.    Provide methods for identifying students who require more assistance with their academics.
4.    Development of methods of classification and inclusive learning approaches based on student competencies in schools
5.    Conduct a screening program for foundation level students who require more assistance with their academics.
6.    Provide a framework for implementing a multiple learning pathway based on the interests and skills of students who require additional support in their academics
7.    Develop the standards for various categories in IE programs.
8.   Support schools to develop interventions for students who are enrolled in IE programs.
9.    Establish guidelines for the implementation of inclusive adaptive sports in educational settings.