Capacity Development Programme: Quality Teachers for Inclusion concludes

Capacity Development Programme: Quality Teachers for Inclusion concludes

Under the Indian Grant Assistance Scheme project, the Department of Inclusive Education (DoIE) recently organized a comprehensive teacher capacity building training program for 21 teachers from Haa Alifu Atoll Education Centre, L. Ihahdhoo School, and G. Dh. Thinadhoo Aboobakuru School. The 10-day training program run in Bangalore, India aimed to equip educators with effective strategies to promote inclusive education for students with diverse needs.

The training was attended by high-ranking officials including the Director General, Assistance Director, and Senior Inclusive Analysts from the Department. The collaborative effort demonstrated the commitment of both India and the Maldives to foster inclusive education practices in the region.

Throughout the program, participants engaged in various interactive sessions covering a wide range of topics. One of the key areas of focus was inclusive approaches for students with autism spectrum disorder, allowing teachers to gain insights into providing a supportive and inclusive learning environment for these students. The training also encompassed inclusive teaching strategies for students with learning disorders, intervention techniques, and the development of inclusive lesson plans based on the principles of universal design for learning.

Moreover, behavioral modification strategies for students with disabilities were explored during the training. Teachers were provided with effective tools and techniques to manage and address challenging behaviors, thereby ensuring a conducive learning atmosphere for all students. Additionally, the program emphasized methods for supporting students with physical impairments, promoting accessibility, and encouraging their active participation in educational activities.

The participants also visited campuses in India and observed students with disabilities in mainstream settings.

The successful completion of this training program signifies a significant step forward in the journey towards inclusive education in the Maldives. It is expected that the newly acquired strategies and techniques will be implemented effectively by the trained teachers, positively impacting the lives of students with special needs and fostering a more inclusive society in the Maldives.